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Successful participation in the driving competition in Hoogenweg

  • 01 August 2022

On July 30, Senne Boom participated in the driving competition at Hoogenweg. At this competition, as always, she drove with her Shetlander Bella and the Hackney Heemhoeve's First Lady (Stapleford Shake A Leg). In Hoogenweg she drove two dressage tests as well as one ones test with both Bella and First Lady.

With Bella she drove two good dressage tests. The assessment of this differed quite a bit: one test was assessed with 148 points, the other with 189.5 points (and thus with one victory point).

She also drove two good tests with Heemhoeve's First Lady. These were assessed with respectively 186 points (1 victory point) and 198.5 points (2 victory points and a 3rd prize).
The assessment limit of 200 points seems to be coming into view!

The cones test with Bella was again fast and tight! Well within the time and without dropped balls. Also in the jump-off. Again 2 victory points.

With Heemhoeve's First Lady, the same result seemed to be in the picture, but a few balls fell at the last gates, unfortunately.