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Participation driving competition in Oldebroek

  • 08 August 2022

Senne Boom took part in the driving competition in Oldebroek on August 6 with her Shetlander Bella and Hackney Heemhoeve's First Lady (Stapleford Shake A Leg). At this competition she drove two dressage tests and two cones tests with both ponies.

In our opinion, the dressage tests went well and as desired. But our good feelings were not reflected in the jury ratings. All 4 dressage tests were awarded with points, which are just below the level of a profit point.

The skills tests also went according to plan. With Bella, Senne completed both skill tests within the time limit, one of which involved throwing a ball. The proficiency tests therefore yielded resp. 2 and 1 victory point.

Heemhoeve's First Lady dropped a ball in one skill test and the other drove with a small time limit. Both proficiency tests therefore yielded with one victory point.