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Participation driving competition in Emmer-Compascuum

  • 18 September 2022

On September 17, 2022, the driving association De Runderuiters held a driving competition for the second time. The enthusiastic association was hit that day by unfavorable weather gods, at times the rain came pouring down from the sky. That made the dressage ring very heavy during the day and the cones track slippery.
A different experience than super dry and warm conditions during the competitions last summer.
But the enthusiastic association and the participants did their best!

As usual, Senne Boom took part with both Bella and Heemhoeve's First Lady in two dressage tests and two cones tests.

Despite the difficult track, the dressage tests went according to plan. With Bella, Senne scored one profit point in both classes (respectively 187.5 and 184.5 points). With Heemhoeve's First Lady in the first test one profit point (191.5 points) and in the second test two profit points (196.0 points). A nice result under these tough conditions!

The cones tests with Bella went less well. In both tests a steering error was made and exclusion followed. Unfortunately.

With Heemhoeve's First Lady, Senne completed both tests within the set time. In the first test 1 ball was thrown (so still 1 victory point), the second test was ridden clear within the time (and therefore 2 victory points). The jump-off was also clear and in the 2nd fastest time.

Eventually, satisfied and in the end with 8 victory points in the pocket, but soaked through and through, the driving team went home.