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Nice end to the outdoor driving season 2022

  • 26 September 2022

On September 24, 2022, Senne Boom took part in her last outdoor driving competition of the 2022 season in Westerbork.

As usual, Senne Boom participated with both Bella and Heemhoeve's First Lady in two dressage tests and two cones tests.

The terrain became quite heavy due to the rain. Nevertheless, the dressage tests went according to plan. With Bella Senne scored 196 points in the first test and thus 2 profit points and in the second test 180.5 points and one profit point.

The cones test also went as desired on the tough track and with long running lines. Unfortunately, the first test was thrown a ball on the last gate. The 2nd test went flawless, as did the jump-off. With this, Senne resp. 1 and 2 profit points in the cones test with Bella.

With Heemhoeve's First Lady, Senne drove two good dressage tests with resp. 189 and 184 points and therefore twice 1 victory point.

The cones test course with the long running lines was made for Heemhoeve's First Lady, which was also apparent from the result: 2 times clear and in a fast time (and therefore twice 2 victory points). The jump-offs also went very quickly, unfortunately a ball was thrown in the first jump-off.

Not the best weather, but we returned home very satisfied from our last outdoor competition of 2022. An outdoor season, our first, in which Senne collected 23 profit points in 9 competitions with Bella and even 25 profit points with Heemhoeve's First Lady!
Now on to a successful indoor season.