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Last driving competition of 2022 driven in Heeten

  • 31 December 2022

On December 29, we had our last driving competition of 2022. A little less nice weather, but a very cozy atmosphere and unlimited delicious oliebollen in the canteen. Then people can take it again!

As usual, Senne Boom rode two dressage tests (B) and two skills tests (M) with both Bella and Heemhoeve's First Lady.
The dressage tests with Shetlander Belle went according to plan. Unfortunately, that was not underlined by the assessment, both tests without a profit point.
Both tests went quite well with Heemhoeve's First Lady, unfortunately a test error was made in both tests. Nevertheless, a profit point was achieved in both tests!

Although a difficult course, the cones trials went well.
With her Shetlander Bella, a ball was thrown in the first cones test, so one profit point. Senne drove clear with Bella in the 2nd cones test, as well as in the jump-off. This resulted in a score of 2 points.

With Heemhoeve's First Lady, Senne drove clear in the cones skill test, also in the jump-off. With that she gained 2 profit points and a 1st place in the ranking. Unfortunately 2 balls were dropped in the 2nd test, so no profit points.