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Driving team De Heemhoeve successful at a competition in Haaksbergen

  • 26 June 2022

On June 25, Senne Boom participated in the driving competition in Haaksbergen. At this competition she rode two dressage tests and two cones tests with Hackney Heemhoeve's First Lady (Stapleford Shake A Leg) and her Shetlander Bella. It was at times a very hot day. Especially with Bella, Senne had to drive the dressage tests under very warm conditions.

The assessment of the dressage tests all fell just below the level of one profit point. But the scone tests turned out really well.

With Heemhoeve's First Lady, Senne drove within time both times, but with one ball of the cones. In the end this turned out to be the best performance in its class and thus the first place with 2x a profit point.

With Bella, as we are used to, the duo bustled between the cones in a super fast time (the fastest time of the day!) and didn't move a ball, not even in the jump-offs. In short, the first place in this class with 2x two profit points.