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September 2011 Roscourt Top Secret closes a great competition season 2011    


The show at Lunteren on the 24th of September 2011 was for Roscourt Top Secret the last competition of 2011, and successful ! In the Open Class he was placed 2nd and in the Ladies Class he was honored as the winner. A beautiful ending of a great 2011 season !!

The 2011 season of Top Secret Roscourt, with permanent driver Willeke Rozendaal, began with a nice third place in the competition of the Open Class at Ambt Delden on the 2nd of April. In 2011 Top Secret released more than 20 times in competitions. With a few exceptions Roscourt Top Secret was in 2011 always placed to the five first places in his class and even often posted to the three first places. Three times he was honored as winner of his class.

His tireless work ethic sometimes plays tricks on him to keep running as a "well-oiled machine". And that leads to any irregularity or undesirable restraint, at the expense of a top placing. But... ... ... .. if Roscourt Top Secret, with Willeke Rozendaal on the reins, is doing "it", is keeping his head to his work and when he has to run on a "work ground", then "he rises to great heights".
A good example of his great performance has been his visit in June to Ardingly. A beautiful, spacious (main) ring that asks for strong working, then he is completely in his element than he receives a wonderful achievements.

Knowing how he is reacting to certain circumstances will be a good starting point for Top Secret to work out for 2012. And with full confident we will give ‘this job’ to the mind and hands of Willeke Rozendaal !


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