"Powered by the best blood lines."

Hackney Stud “De Heemhoeve”
Torendijk 2
7495 PX Ambt Delden
tel. 074 - 2569612
E-mail info@hackney-horses.nl

Horses at "De Heemhoeve":

Hackney Stud ‘De Heemhoeve’ has as its principal aim to self-bred hackney's successful participation on breeding shows and in competitions. The starting point is also the hackney's didactic and training in-house at 'De Heemhoeve'.

Also our broodmares we will break in harness to see what there capacities are in harness, so therefore we can take account of our breed selection.

Sometimes we offer also other drivers the opportunity to drive one of our Hackneys on shows (f.e. in the Young Drivers competition).

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