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July 24th, 2009            Breeding Show at Raalte  

To the Breeding Show at Raalte we have entered a 3 hackney pony colts, namely Heemhoeve's Prince Charlie (Hillstreet’s Prince x Eaglestone Sholto), Heemhoeve’s Don Juan (Mistral x Bjorclenn van de Mast) and Heemhoeve’s Prince Caspian (Hillstreet’s Prince x Eaglestone Sholto ).

Since all the 3 colts were classified in one class, we subsequently decided to move one colt to the Breeding Show at Boxtel.

Both colts at Raalte, Heemhoeve’s Don Juan and Heemhoeve’s Prince Caspian, achieved a 1st premium and received an invitation to the National Show in hand.