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Hackney studbooks

Darley Arabian 200
Darley Arabian, 1700 - 1730

Universal               England               The Netherlands               America

Long before a Hackney studbook was founded, Hackney's were already bred. The vast majority of sire lines in the Hackney breeding perform back to the famous Arabian stallion Darley Arabian, born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1700 and deceased in England in 1730. This stallion had a great influence on the Throughbred breeding, and with that on the Hackney breeding in England.

In the 19th century the Hackney breed gave definite shape and in 1883 and stabbing some Hackney enthusiasts laid their heads together and founded the Hackney Horse Society and from that moment the Hackney breeding is recorded in a studbook. This studbook first registered stallions (in the first year 984 units) and from the 2nd year mares. Late 19th century there were in this studbook registered 6.000 stallions and 10.500 mares. Meanwhile, the numbers increased to approximately 18.500 stallions and 32.000 mares.

The Hackney Horse Society is the mother studbook for Hackney's. With the export of Hackney's from England to various countries 'all over the world' Hackney studbooks were established in: USA (1891), Canada (1892), Argentina (1907), South Africa (1908), Australia ( 1931), The Netherlands (1946) and New Zealand (1976).

The most relevant Hackney studbooks for breeding in the Netherlands are the mother studbook, the Hackney Horse Society (HHS), the Dutch Hackney Studbook (NHS) and the American Hackney Horse Society (AHHS).

Hackney Stud "De Heemhoeve" registers its animals in the mother studbook, the HHS, because in terms of registration and pedigree these animals will be automatically full accepted by the other Hackney Studbooks.