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Hackney Characteristics

Ardingly 2012
Ardingly 2012

Due to a moderate long back the body of the Hackney looks compact and at the same time the chest fairly deep. The Hackney should have its head and neck raised, expressing the alert and active character of the breed. The small head should have a straight or slightly convex profile with clear, intelligent eyes set fairly wide apart and the snout delicate formed.

The big eyes show fighting spirit. The neck should be of moderate length and well formed. The neck should be well attached to reasonable high withers set on powerful, obliquely sloping shoulders. The tail is implanted high and also weared highly. The legs should be short wit strong, low placed hocks, not too far above the ground. The Hackney is standing strong and proud on the hooves, with the front legs attached well forward, beneath the point of the shoulder and the hind legs a little bit back-logged.