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Hackney as a show horse

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Magic Victory

More and more people are getting into coaching sports all the time, both in competitions as well as for fun. They are right about the fact that the Hackney is an appropriate partner because of their fine movements and great endurance.

The Hackney is used for various coaching sport disciplines. They are mostly used for driving contests. For good reason, they are called “Ballerinas of horse show arenas” due to their elevated, elegant gaits.

Particularly Hackney pony is widely used as a contest pony, although during the past years the interest in the Hackney horse has increased again.

Hackneys are mainly presented as single-horse carriages at horse shows. But also as a two-horse carriage and, to a lesser extent, we have seen the Hackneys as tandems in the horse show arenas. With regard to Hackneys, the yokings such as a unicorn (one front horse and two back horses), randem (three horses in line) and the four-in-hand (two front horses and two back horses) are more unusual, but nevertheless worthwhile yokings to look at.