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The Dutch Association of Hackney Drivers (V.H.N.)

2. tweespan j.h.p. kennis
Pair - driven by Jan Kennis
3. driespan f.a. rovers 02
Troika - driven by Frits Rovers

The Vereniging van Hackneyrijders Nederland (V.H.N. - The Dutch Association of Hackney Drivers) was founded in 2002 and as a coaching sports association, it is affiliated with the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (K.N.H.S.).

The V.H.N. originated from a merger between the former Hackney associations, namely:

  • Hackney Association Central Netherlands
  • Dutch Hackney Club
  • Hackney Association South

The Dutch Association of Hackney Riders distinguishes different driving levels. The Showing Sport with Hackneys in the Netherlands is devided into two categories, National and Regional. The regional category is devided into two regions, North and South. At the beginning of the season riders decide in which category and/or region they wil compete.

Driving takes place with both ponies (height at withers under 1.40 m) and horses (height at withers above 1.40 m).

To participate in the competitions, one has to be a member of the Dutch Association of Hackney Riders and therefore also of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation.